Mobile Analytics Design to Boost Performance!

Smooth performance constitutes the significance of the mobile analytics success formula. The high-quality content, reliable data, purpose are must for it. For every mobile user, easy and hassle-free swipe or touch is essential.

Mobile analytics comprise two components: up time and response time. How long it takes to launch the mobile asset until it is ready for consumption is a tricky business as it involves several layers where things can go haywire.

Let’s take a look at several key layers that affect the performance of your hand-held device:

  • Wireless network: It covers the Wi-Fi connection at the time of access. It can be difficult to control as some of the services are offered by external companies. While wireless access within our office can be more controllable.
  • Back-End Infrastructure: The way we configure our back-end infrastructure makes a huge difference. We should configure our servers as per the need of the user base for a comprehensive development.
  • Mobile Analytics Performance: The design of mobile analytics app plays an eminent role. Factors like memory consumption hold the direct impact on mobile experience. Building them for our customers since it is unique to industry and business.


In short, mobile analytics performance proves a boon for every mobile user. Understanding the layers gives a better shape to mobile analytics strategy.